1200 gns ram
William Adams, Holmview with his
2nd prize shearling - 1200 gns

Phillip Hammond with his
1st Prize and Champion Ram Lamb


Armoy Ram Sale 2016
The annual Bluefaced Leicester ram sale in Armoy resulted in a terrific trade with most vendors having a complete clearance. Topping the sale at 1200 gns was William Adams, Holmview with his second prize shearling sired by F7 Firth. Next in the prices were two lambs at 1050 gns- one from Tom Crowe, Learmore by B11 Lawson and Jim Harkin, J & S for his second prize ram lamb by H1 Glenshane. John Holden, Blairmount judged the event finding his Champion in the pen of Phillip Hammond, Sandholes. This was the first prize ram lamb - J14 sired by H1 Holmview which later sold for 650 gns. Reserve Champion was awarded to Robert Loughridge, Orravale for his first prize shearling. Jim Harkin , J & S was again in the mix winning the Female Championship with his first prize ewe lamb sired by H1 Glen Shane.

Reserve Champion
1050 gns ram
1050 gns ram
Robert Loughridge with his
Reserve Champion & 1st Prize Shearling
Tom Crowe's ram lamb - 1050 gns

Jim Harkin's ram lamb - 1050 gns

1st Prize Ewe Lamb    
Jim Harkin with his 1st Prize ewe lamb