7000 gns ram
L1 Holmview - 7000 gns

Champion - K22 Lakeview Farm - 2,500 gns


Ballymena Sale 2018
Once again Bluefaced Leicester Sheep in Ballymena were in great demand. Averages fell slightly on the year, but with 70 more sheep forward, a good crowd, and plenty of buyers, this resulted in a tremendous clearance rate.

Topping the day's trade was a cracking April born tup lamb from the Holmview flock of J Adams & Sons. This lamb was 1st prize in the presale show and reserve overall, judged by Tom Willoughby, Penhill. The lamb by J1 Carryhouse sold in a three way split to Hugh Henry, Starbog, William & Michael Smyth, Foyleview and G & J Loughery, Temain at 7000 gns. The Holmview flock enjoyed a fantastic day also receiving 3800 gns for another Carryhouse son, selling to Graham Cooke, Gortin and R & S Hayes, Castledamph, and another 3200 gns to Kieran McGrath, Donegal. Joe Adams & Sons were also awarded the Kerr Memorial Cup for the best pen of sheep, with an average just short of 2000 gns for 12 lambs. Michelle Wright also had a day to remember selling two ram lambs at 3000 gns - 1st being a J2 Dawyck son, selling to Craig Thornborrow buying back some of his own blood, and a K17 Drummuck son to Paul Samon, Tipperary. Next in the lamb section, Mistyburn received 2800 gns for his G1 Highberries son finding a new home with Brendan Blaney, Tievebuaile Farm.

The shearling section was topped by Graham & Julie Loughery, Temain selling their 1st shearling at 3600 gns to Robert Loughery, Gortnarney and following that their second shearling selling at 3000 gns to Arnold Douglas, Ballyhanna. C Magill, Slaneburn followed at 2800 gns to Sandra Hunter, Bushmills. Lee Beacom Lakeview was awarded overall champion with his 1st prize shearling a G4 Parkgatestone son, selling at 2500 gns to Patrick Gallon, Castlederg.

The female section was topped by G & J Loughery with a K5 Hegwill daughter selling across the water to Tom Willoughby, Penhill for 1200 gns. Declan McKillop, Giants Causeway received 1100 gns twice and 1000 gns for three females.

195 shearlings sold to average 851 gns.
132 ram lambs sold to average 951 gns
38 females sold to average 492 gns.

3200 gns ram 3600 gns ram 3200 gns ram
L2 Holmview - 3800 gns K3 Temain - 3600 gns L12 Holmview - 3200 gns
3000 gns ram 3000 gns ram 3000 gns ram
L2 Mullaghwee - 3000 gns K5 Temain - 3000 gns L8 Mullaghwee - 3000 gns
2800 gns ram 2800 gns ram 2600 gns ram
K1 Slaneburn - 2800 gns L1 Mistyburn - 2800 gns L7 Holmview - 2600 gns
2500 gns ram 2500 gns ram 2400 gns ram
L1 Giants Causeway - 2500 gns
L1 Drummuck - 2500 gns K1 Ballytober - 2400 gns
1200 gns Female Female Champion Winner
L35 Temain - 1200 gns

Female Champion
L10 Tullyvallen
Winner of the Kerr Memorial Trophy for the
best pen - J Adams & Sons (Holmview)