£5000 female2nd Prize Gimmer hogg
M/s Lord, Hewgill - £5000

Champion - Gimmer hogg
M Allan - £1400


Hawes Female Sale 2019
On a cold raw day, typical of a Hawes female sale, a strong crowd gathered at this market town and saw a strong trade for some great females. Averages were back a bit, but that was mainly due to the underlying trade following on from last year's gimmer lambs sales, and the flying trade last year which saw averages jump a massive £300 in the gimmer shearlings.

Topping the day's trade was strong gimmer hogg from the Hewgill flock, which stood 2nd in the pre-sale show. She is full of homebred bloodlines, by the H45 Hewgill and out of a ewe by E47 Hewgill and full sister to the tup they sold for £10,000 at Hawes last year. It was sold to D McElhennon, Co Derry.

The Midlock consignment again drew in the crowds and their pen leader was a cracking gimmer shearling by J6 Hewgill. It is the full sister to K21 Midlock sold back in 2017 and is carrying triplets to the L1 Hundith, a son of K8 Shafthill bought last year. It sold to Northern Ireland too, with P G Mullan, Swatragh, Co Derry taking home the pick of pen.

Taking the Reserve Champion ticket was Robin Booth from the Smearsett flock with a ewe which is full sister to E1 Smearsett, which sold to Marriforth, by H3 Riddings and carrying a single to the Ted tup which is doing so well for the flock. They retained a tup lamb out of her last year to use for themselves, which helped her trade and saw the hammer fall at £2400 for her, selling to Meg Hallam, High Birkwith. The flock had a canny trade throughout, seeing a shearling by J2 Midlock carrying triplets to D15 Smearsett hit £2400 selling to Ashley Caton and a gimmer hogg, again by the Midlock and out of a Highberries Highlander ewe reach £2200, selling to Phillip Teasdale.

Ashley Caton, Otterburn Lodge, picked up 2nd prize in the gimmer shearling class, which later sold in a £2000 deal to David & James Lawson, Gragareth. This classy gimmer was by the homebred J12 Otterburn Lodge and carrying twins to J1 Smearsett.

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Show and sale of individual Bluefaced Leicester ewes, gimmer shearlings and gimmer hoggs
Forward: 46 Sheep

Judged by Neil White, Marrick
1-W A & A Booth, Feizor £2400
2-J A & R Caton, Otterburn £1000

1-W A & A Booth £2400 (Reserve Champion)
2-J A & R Caton £2000

1-M Allan, Appleby £1400 (Champion)
2-M/s Lord, Stainmore £5000
3-W A & A Booth £2200

Leading Prices:
Ewes - W A & A Booth, £2400. J A & R Caton, £1000. Av. £1700

Shearlings - J Wight & Sons, £3400, £1800, £1100, £1000, £800. W A & A Booth, £2400, £1500, £1400, £1000. J A & R Caton, £2000. M R Thornborrow, £800. Av. £1400

Hoggs - M/s Lord, £5000, £1500. W A & A Booth, £2200, £1100, £800, £750. M Allan, £1400, £700. J Bell, £1000, £400. C T & J E Willoughby, £800. J & K Metcalf & Son, £600. Breck House Enterprises, £550. W & C W Dent, £500. J A & R Caton, £400. W C Porter & Sons, £400. Av. £804

£3400 female
Midlock - £3400

£2400 female
Reserve Champion
W A Booth & Sons - £2400
£2000 female
2nd Prize Ewe
A Caton - £2000