£15000 ram
Newbigging Walls L11 - £15,000

Crossing Champion
Edlingham L12 - Crossing Champion - £5500

£5800 ram
Kirkstead L1
Traditional Champion - £5800

£2800 ram
Kirkstead L2 - £2800


Kelso Ram Sale 2019

A reduced number of sheep forward saw averages rise in the Bluefaced Leicester section, with 450 tup shearlings averaging out at £968.28, up over £28 on the year, with a total breed turnover of nearly £460,000. As always at Kelso the demand for big, strong, powerful tups with good conformation was the key to a good trade. Hexham and Northern Auctioneer, Trevor Simpson, said that tups were a lot easier to sell this year and that the buyers were around the ring all day which helps trade.

Topping the day's trade was, once again, Obie Sharp, Newbigging Walls, Lauder, with a stonking shearling by the Duhonw K1, which they bought in partnership with a couple of other breeders. When they bought him, he was the last tup into the ring at the Hawes sale, a midnight purchase costing a cool £20,000. He certainly paid back his investment, with many admirers, he was going to be a big target, and the final bid was for £15,000, selling in a 5-way spilt to the Firth, Edlingham, Kingledores, Drimsynie and the Hamildean flocks. The sale topper was out of a homebred ewe sired by another Duhonw tup and his twin brother, again full of power, followed him into the ring and went on to make £6000. Obie ended the day with 10 tups just edging over £3700 average.

Not far behind the topper came the Midlock consignment. Again, a much-admired pen, full of power and a depth of breeding few can match caught the eye of many breeders keen to invest into the best genetics within the breed. The pen leader was the full brother to Midlock G34, Knight Rider and a host of other tups which have bred well. He is by the Midlock Mustang which is doing so well for the flock and his breeding is influential all around the breed and out of the noted show ewe which was the Champion at the Highland in 2018. He sold for £12,000 in a two-way spit to Hartside and the Beeches flocks. The 16 shearlings from Midlock levelled at £2143.75.

James Herdman from the Edlingham flock comfortably drew back his share of the top priced tup with his sale from a cracking pen of tups. He had taken the pre-sale show Champion, Judged by Martin Pedley of the Yore House flock, but it was his number 1 shearling which stood third which drew the bigger bid. Edlingham L4 is by the 3600gns Hott Bank tup bought out of Carlisle and out of a ewe by the £15,000 Carry House which has been doing well for the flock. He was knocked down for £8000, the top price through the Hexham ring, selling to Messrs Mclymie, the 35 strong flocks' best sale at Kelso yet. The crossing champion, by the H2 Carry House and out of a ewe by the £9500 Duhonw H1, sold for £5500 to Messrs Kirkpatrick, Barr.

Alec Brown, Macqueston, saw his number 1 shearling sell well, off the back of a cracking run of Mule gimmers at this year's sales. This necky son of the £12,000 K1 Carry House, a son of the G34 Midlock and out of a ewe by the G19 Highberries, which has done well for the flock. He sold for £5200 to Messrs McArthur, Arnicle.

The traditional champion, judged by Muriel Ross, Clashdorran, was about the last through ring 15, after being first into the ring last year, and all eyes were on a cracking tup from the Kirkstead consignment. This tup has previous form, being shown at Peebles, where he took the Reserve interbreed title. He is by the evergreen G1 Burndale, which has done so much for the flock, both in the showring as well as the breeding, and out of the same ewe which bred last year's £4000 topper for the flock. This boy went further and saw the hammer drop for £5800, selling to Messrs Bains. His twin also was the second top price from the traditional types, selling for £2800. The reserve champion came from the Performance Recorded Cassington flock of M & C Drummond. He is a homebred ram sired by the 3543/H027 Gornal with an index of 151 and sold for £2000. Mick and Nikki Gray, Espley had another successful sale at Kelso with the top in their pen selling at £2500 and this was for a homebred ram sired by 2625/K001 Kirkstead. The Philiphaugh pen of homebred shearling rams from Sir F M Strang- Steel were all sired by 2882/H016 Mendick and sold to a top of £2000, £1700 and £1600. Alan and Peter Forster Lowes Fell sold two of their homebred shearling rams L010 sired by Piel View 3935/H010 and L005 sired by 4369/K001 Whinnyhall both for £1700.

With a strong mid-range trade and good skinned sheep with good conformation selling well it bodes well for the rest of the sales which start in earnest over the next few weeks, when a lot of tups will be landing new homes!
Breed Averages
450 Shearlings sold to an average of £968.29
38 Ram Lambs sold to an average of £616.84

£12000 ram £8000 ram £6000 ram
Midlock L25 - £12,000

Edlingham L4 - £8000

Newbigging Walls L15 - £6000

£5200 ram £2000 ram  
Macqueston L12 - £5200

Cassington L4 - £2000
Res Champion Traditional