Overall Champion

Reserve Champion
Reserve Champion - 500 gns

Highest Priced Shearling
Highest Priced Shearling - 680 gns

Highest Priced Ram Lamb
Highest Priced Ram Lamb - 520 gns


Ruthin Ram Sale 2019

Sale Kindly Sponsored by Meirion Davies & Co Ltd, Agricultural Merchants

An increased number of sheep forward saw an indifferent trade this year with a clearance of only 55%. The quality of stock forward was good, but there was a distinct lack of serious buyers. This sale may well be better suited to being held later on in the season.

Topping the day's trade was Elfyn Owen, Cernyw with a traditional shearling ram by Cenyw Gladiator, who made 680 gns and was bought by Messrs L & J Gregory, Brewards. Elfyn also had the second highest price for another shearling ram by Cenyw E+ who made 650 gns. This one going to Mr H W Thomas, Gro. Careful line breeding producing the goods in the Cenryw flock. One other shearling sold for 600 gns from Mr H D Gruffydd, of the Caereini flock who was by Craig-Yr-Orsedd J35 and was bought by R E & G A Roberts, Inco.

The Champion and Reserve were brought out by Dewi G & I L Roberts & Son, Trofarth. Two ram lambs who made 520 gns and 500 gns respectively with plenty of width and conformation.

Another ram lamb making 520 gns was sold by the Royal Welsh Show judge this year, Mr G Davies, Soflen. A nicely printed crossing lamb with plenty of strength, width and bone. It was sold to R A Morris, Denbigh. Gareth Roberts of the Myfyrian X flock also sold a crossing ram lamb for 500 gns by Glenlaugh L001, this very sharp, with clean black and white print lamb being snapped up by the top Mule producer Hywel A & S M Jones, Corwen.

Winning the female championship were Messrs C F & S Cotton, Longclose, with their Bonvilston K015 sired gimmer shearling that went on to make 360 gns, selling to Robert Bros, Corwen.

Averages for 57 sold.
(4) Aged Rams £331
(23) Shearling rams £342
(19) Ram Lambs £386
(10) Gimmer Shearling £191
(1) Gimmer Lamb £158


Judge – Mrs Meinir Hughes, Tre Gof

Aged Rams
1st Lot 36 – Miss J McLeod, Wanstead
2nd Lot 40 – Mrs & Miss D M & A D Jones, Blue Force
3rd Lot 27 – H W Thomas, Gro

Shearling Rams
1st Lot 1 – Mr & Mrs R M, B N & H Jones, Fairview
2nd Lot 28 – M C Roberts, Myfyrian
3rd Lot 16 – H D Gruffydd, Caereini

Ram Lambs
1st Lot 58 - D Roberts & Son, Trofarth
2nd Lot 59 - D Roberts & Son, Trofarth
3rd Lot 71 - E Owen, Cernyw

1st Lot 103 - C F & S Cotton, Longclose (gimmer)
2nd - Mrs & Miss D M & A D Jones, Blue Force (aged ewe)
3rd Lot 84 - D Roberts & Son, Trofarth (ewe lamb)

Male Champion and Overall Champion Lot 58 the First Prize Ram Lamb from D Roberts & Son, Trofarth

Reserve Male and Overall Reserve Champion Lot 59 the Second Prize Ram Lamb from D Roberts & Son, Trofarth

Female Champion Lot 103 a Gimmer from C F & S Cotton, Longclose

Reserve Female an Aged Ewe from Mrs & Miss D M & A D Jones, Blue Force