Breed Champion
Breed Champion

Reserve Champion
Reserve Breed Champion

First Prize Winners
1st Prize winners pictured with Judge - Michael James and Association Secretary - Helen Carr-Smith

First Prize Shearling Ram & Upwards First Prize Ewe Two Shear & Upwards First Prize Ram Lamb
1st Prize Shearling Ram & Upwards 1st Prize Ewe Two Shear & Upwards 1st Prize Ram Lamb
First Prize Ewe Lamb

1st Prize Ewe Lamb    

Balmoral Show 2017

Judge - M James
Breed Champion - B Blaney - Shearling Ewe

Reserve Champion - G & J Loughery - Shearling Ewe

Class Results: Shearling Ram & Upwards
1. H Henry
Ewe Two Shear & Upwards
1. G & J Loughery
2. M Wright
Shearling Ewe
1. B Blaney
2. G & J Loughery
3. M Wright
Ram Lamb
1. B Blaney
2. M Wright
3. R Graham
Ewe Lamb
1. M Wright 2. B Blaney 3. G & J Loughery
Best Pair Of Lambs    
1. B Blaney 2. M Wright  
Group Of Three    
1. B Blaney 2. M Wright