2021 Registration Form Deadline News

2021 Registration Form Deadline

November 9, 2021

Members – Reminder for Return of 2021 Registration Forms
Deadline for Registrations is – 31st December, 2021
If you have not already returned your completed registration form to the Office, then please do so by 31st December to make sure your pedigrees are in the Flock Book, if you have lost your original copy of your form and require another copy then please contact the office.
Members can also register lambs on line on the Grassroots database, to access the system you will need your membership number (as a five digit number – using leading zero’s where necessary), and your four letter passcode – If you have forgotten your Grassroots passcode please contact the office and we will be happy to send you a reminder
We are happy to receive completed registration forms by Post (please include a SAE if you require proof of receipt), Fax, Scanned e-mail copy, by Facebook Messenger and by WhatsApp (07818515488)
Thank You
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