Ballymena 2012

Uploaded: July 12, 2020

Res Champion from Temain sold for 2000gnssire - C1 Temain

Orravale D17 - 2000gnssire B41 Midlock

Hugh Henry - E1 Starbog - 2500gns

E2 Glenane - 2000gnssire W25 Midlock Controversy

E1 Tielvebuaile Farm - 2300gnssire - Z14 Hewgill

D8 Orravale - 2000gnssire - Y1 Orravale

D4 Blairmount from John Holden 1st prize shearling ram sold 3000 gns

Champiuon from G&J Loughery - E5 Temain. 1700gnssire; C1 Temain

Champion female from M/s McCormick - Brablagh.sire C1 Drummuck

4th Prize - E1 Orra View - 2000gns to J Bell.Sire; B11 Cottage

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