Ballymena Ram Sale 2011

Uploaded: July 7, 2020

Randox C8 - Top price, sold by G Walsh for 2200 gns, bred by R Kerr sire Z8 lenmore

Orravale C20 - 1750gns.Sire;B16 Tan House, DS; W1 Hayshaw

Judging at this year's Ballymena tup sale

General 2

General 1

D23 Brablagh from McCormick Bros - 1000gnssire; C1 Drummuck, DS; X3 Firth

D1 The Fields from Alistair Christie took the days championship, and sold for 2000 gns sire X3 St Ravenscar sams sire V10 Todhills

D1 Mullaghwee from M Wright sold for 1000 gns - sire - B3 Glenane, dam's sire - W4 Whitchester

Champion female from J Blaney, D11 Tievebuaile Farm sire A2 Craigskean dams sire A14 Midlock

C22 Duhonw from C Coulter sold for 1700 gns - sire- A5 Old Hemley E+, dam's sire - Z32 Wellan

C18 St Ravenscar -Res Champion 1400 gns sire A5 Oakhouse E dams sire N38 Hundith E+

C3 Blairmount, John Holden - 1900gnssire; X2 Firth

C1 Orravale - 1900gns.Sire B41 Midlock, DS T1 Airyolland

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