Carlisle Female Sale 2012

Uploaded: July 12, 2020

Overall Champion -Gimmer Lamb Kirkby Redgate 8000 gns sire A5 Gragareth dams sire Y25 Hewgill

D71 Hewgill - Res Champion - 1500gnssire B41 Hewgill - DS Z14 Hewgill

D70 Hewgill - 8000gnsSire; B41 Hewgill - DS Z14 Hewgill

3rd Gimmer Lamb - 4000gnssire Y25 Hewgill, DS W1 Keer

C106 Midlock - 3500gnsSire A13 kirkby Redgate - DS N25 Nunscleugh

C22 Smearsett - 3000gnssire A1 Hundith - DS W2 Lunesdale

C52 Hewgill - 2800 gns sire Z14 Hewgill dams sire Y2 Hewgill Carrying twins to B41 Hewgill

1st Prize ewe -Kirkby Redgate 2600 gns sire Y25 Hewgill dams sire W1 Keer Carrying twins to A5 Gragareth

1st Prize Gimmer Shearling C28 Laund 2450 gns sire B17 Mereoak dams sire X1 Nunscleugh

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