Carlisle Ram Sale 2012

Uploaded: July 12, 2020

E3 Long Mynd Overall Champion -£7500 Sire C1 Cassington Dams Sire W2 Cassington

E2 Hundith - Res Champion - 5000gnssireB1 Asby HallD. Sire V3 Kentmere

The female champion from G T Davies & Son of Wiston, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire

E17 Hundith - 8000gnssire; Y1 MidlockD Sire V3 Kentmere

E4 Shafthill - 5500gnssire- C2 ShafthillD. Sire Z4 Shafthill

E22 Hewgill - £5000sire; B41 HewgillD. Sire Z14 Hewgill

E23 Hewgill - £4500sire - B41 HewgillD.Sire Z14 Hewgill

E21 Hewgill - £4000Sire; B41 HewgillD. Sire Z14 Hewgill

D23 Nunscleugh The top price shearling ram at £4,500 Sire A8 Nunscleugh Dams Sire V3 Bull & Cave

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