Ballymena Female Sale 2022 Sale Reports

Ballymena Female Sale 2022

10th January 2022


As we continue to untangle our way through this pandemic and in doing so; adapting to the new ways of advertising and selling, our attention in the female sale season turned to our Ballymena Premier Sale. The quality on offer certainly defined a trade which was brisk, buyers had no hesitation in pursuing esteemed bloodlines to grasp the final bids.

The Temain Team led the sale’s top prices, with their eye catching array of lambs on offer.  It was difficult for anyone that had an interest in Bluefaced Leicester sheep  not to stop, admire and pass complimentary remarks.   Their homebred ‘Dark Horse’ ram didn’t disappoint, his breeding relates back to the flock’s most influential ewe ‘Ruby’ a K5 Hewgill, bred this quality lot. With character, colour and overall correctness the final bid fell with M. Kelly at 3000gns.  She will surely be an asset to his Free Hall flock to assist in the breeding of rams to carry on his tradition of bringing top quality mules out each year.

Temain’s success was followed by a J4 Blainavaid to Midlock Iceman. Lot 22 really added flavour to the Ice and with Iceman progeny only beginning to surface, buyers were immediately engaged.  The final bid ended at 2700gns to Woods, adding this attractive, modern coloured lamb to his esteeming selection of sheep.

With bags of blood in the Dark Horse which connects back to Yorehouse Maverick it is not surprising that their Lot 21; a smart, stylish and slick ewe lamb will travel south to the Maskview Flock at 1200gn.  With her dam having bred the 18,000gns Temain Dynamite sold back in September; there will be aspirations to bring many accolades to the flock in the future.

Dazzling, sparky, cocky and classy were just a few of the adjectives used to describe the lots from the Rowan Tree Farm.  Lot 58, showed her true character and potential in the ring, this M5 Ballytober lamb will travel South to the Firmount Flock to join this well established flock.  The hammer fell at 2600gns and with blood on both sides proven to produce mules, with sires having bred mule lambs sited in their top pens; securing leading market prices; this girl will be the key ingredient for any breeder and a new pathway to opportunity for Paul. The Rowan Tree Farm pen also saw a bid of 1800 gns for a lamb breed by M7 Mistyburn, bringing presence and style into both his blues and mules.  Her breeding was complimented by a dam deemed to the best female in the flock by K2 Fields, this formula saw Woods rise again, banking this lady to befriend his earlier purchase.  Whilst we can’t predict the future we look forward to the legacy of this lashy lady.

The Aughaboy Flock featured with an elegant pen of females that showed presence and the ideal characteristics for any blue breeder to aspire towards.   As their powerful N73 Dawyck carrying twins to the 10K P24 Temain entered the ring; her swanky appearance took the buyers by storm.  Kiernan Malcomson greeted the final bid of 2300 gns, Kiernan who is no stranger to the world of blues will hopefully use these bloodlines to hit the headlines for 2022.  P24 caught the eye of many buyers back in September with an attractive presence, gripping colour and overall correctness. The mix of this, with all the assets of N73 will certainly leave an eager wait for us all.

The Moneygran flock enjoyed a solid trade, topping at 2000gn for a ewe by the prestigious M1 Yorehouse, carrying twins to M1 Penhill.  Not only does the hogg carry pride in herself, she is arguably the narrative of what a modern day blue should be like.  To top this off, she is full of great breeding on the mother’s side too, leaving distinct colour and incredible presence. Michelle Wright from the Mullaghwee flock caught the final bid.

As always the Ballytober pen was much admired both before the sale and as they arrived they didn’t disappoint, catching the eye of so many customers. Ballytober continually lead the way with modern style blues and mules.  The first of their pen was a L10 Blarnavaid that came in the belly last year from Shafthills Lockdown Ladies Sale. This window of opportunity doesn’t often arise but Robert Topping who is starting a new flock didn’t miss and followed on strongly to secure the final bid of 1900 gns.

Mullaghwee has enjoyed success at this sale over the past few years and this year was no different, with Michelle Wright turning out a great pen of sheep.  These modern day, highly sought after ladies certainly pleased the eye of many on the night. Whilst this selection got the buyers excited, her first lot into the ring captured the eye of Dylan Killeen who landed the final of 1200gn.  South bound to Mayo, Dylan intends to build the foundations of his new flock from this super skinned, stylish lady.  She is by the 12K Drummuck, with the Dam’s line heading back to the 15K Drummuck Gambler and the Grand Dam a C1 Forebrae aka ‘The Boss’.  This sheep is full of recognised and proven bloodlines, this lassy will bring long-term flavour and spice to any flock.

Once again thanks must go to the auction mart and the staff for organising the sale, especially to Melissa for working with our admin staff so well in the current circumstances and also to the buyers, either online or in the ring. A special thanks to Helen and Rachael for all the behind scenes duties; bringing these sales together is no easy task. We look forward to the autumn sales already!


Highest Price Lot 19 - 4342/P073 Temain sold for 3,000gns from G & J Loughery

Lot 22 - 4342/P081 Temain sold for 2,700gns from G & J Loughery

LOT 58 - 4817/P020 Rowan Tree sold for 2,600gns from Alex Butler

Lot 40 - Dawyck 4346/N073 sold for 2,300gns from B McAllister , Aughaboy

Lot 90 - 4462/N032 sold for 2,000gns from E Harkin, Moneygran

Lot 29 - 4469/P013 sold for 1,900gns from J Mills, Ballytober

LOT 57 - 4817/P017 Rowan Tree sold for 1,800gns from Alex Butler

LOT 41 - 3560/P024 Mullaghwee sold for 1,200gns from Michelle Wright

LOT 42 - 3560/P027 Mullaghwee sold for 1,100gns from Michelle Wright

Lot 29 J Mills 1,900

A Butler Lot 57 1,800

W Adams Lot 64 1,000

Lot 83 R Mulligan 1,000

Ballymena January 2022

Ballymena January 2022

Ballymena January 2022

Ballymena January 2022

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